Lyrics to “Who Is Mike Jones” (Mike Jones, Magno, and Slim Thug)

Editor’s note:
I have been listening to this track for well over ten years and only recently (January 2020) did I learn that it’s rare. It’s apparently the first track on “Choppin Em Up 7“, a Michael Watts mix of Swisha House artists. My copy of the track is labeled “Who is Mike Jones”, but it’s also known out there as the Hate Blood Freestyle.
I put the lyrics here for any other fans of it out there. I’ve had snippets of these lines floating about my head for so long, they’re practically a part of me. The Slim Thug part is my favorite.

Some lyrics are just my best guesses (marked in brackets), and other parts (marked with “xx”) I can’t tell at all what they’re saying. If you have any suggestions for these parts, or think I got some other part wrong (I never was too good at hearin’ thangs), drop me a line at
Here’s the whole Michael Watts mix that someone else uploaded.

Mikes Jones… who? Be on the lookout for First Round Draft Picks coming first, and my album, “Who is Mike Jones?”
If I got drank, ahma pour it up
Dank, ahma blow it up
I’m on 84s and Vogues when I’m rolling up
Mike-Mike Jones, Mike-Mike Jones, Mike-Mike Jones
From the Swishahouse (beeyatch!)
Platinum-platinum mouf
Make hoes pass out
I do shows and clubs, they throw they ass out
Cuz [going by this straight fuck]
[Big] and my dick suck it
Call up my partners to [fuck]
Cuz [going by this straight fuck]
[Big] and my dick suck it
Call up my partners to [fuck]
My album, “Who is Mike Jones?”, comin’ soon
My album, “Who is Mike Jones?”, comin’ soon
Slide-slide xx lean
In the Lex lime and green
Sippin syrup, blowin’ blunts, showin off my four screens
Much love to the Deal and B-Boy xx town, and H town, we clown, I let my top down
I got a Expedition, but I can’t flip it
I can’t flip the Expedition cuz I fucked up the transmission
So now I’m flipping voodoo
Pelle Pelle boo-boo
On my jeans, all my youngstas stackin greens
Range-Range Rover roller, eighty-eighty-four roller
I kicked a nigga out my car, he broke my Xbox controller
Range-Range Rover roller, eighty-eighty-four roller
I kicked a nigga out my car, he broke my Xbox controller

It’s Magnificent, give me the mic and I’ll spark rhythms
I’m that baby-faced thug on your postal with dark denim
I flip cars with street niggaz
Sip bar and beat niggaz
Leave ya xx jacket like them r&b niggaz
I [spit gang] so run with it
Niggaz talkin bout they ice when they chain is tainted like Slum Village
Some feel it, fall off the floor
I got the best style
I’m killin niggaz like mosquitoes from West Nile
The rest fall
You can ask the next man
Like the dude next to the groom, I’m the best man
Checks, man, is what ahm bout to stack
Cop that, drop ‘Lac, 18s in the back
Of a white Benz, I never hung with polite men
Like a football team, my gal got a tight end
Magno be that brother with thugs
I use Magnums (for what?) Both rubbers and guns
Dressed in black linen
You never see my stacks spending
Cuz my money’s stretched like girdles on fat women
Black spinners runnin around the place like jelly
Talk down and get a Band-Aid on your face like Nelly
Might seem me on some blade Pirellis
Escalade Mercedes
‘Lade and tellies
Remember, me and Mike album coming soon
First Round Draft Picks, the album coming soon

Slim Thug, you got hate in ya blood
Fuck showin love, I fuck up shit like the Texas flood
I bring damage
xx to my brain damage
With these haters in my life, that’s the only way I can manage
Stayin-stayin on some gangstas
Playin-playin with my gangstas
Sprayin-sprayin shit don’t think I trick
Bitch, who you thank you wit?
You think cuz you give good head you get?
Wrong, nigga. To Slim Thug, a bitch ain’t shit.
Niggaz, don’t let yo ladies hear this
Cover yo kids ears
Slim Thug’s no role model
Slim Thug has no fears
He’s too raw
I’m Boss Hog
Preachin’ my law
Most gangst-thug-thugged out nigga ya saw
I’ll make ya girlfriend frown up
My clique sow the town up
Hit the highway with Brick on a million-dollar roundup
Don’t just bob ya head, nigga, peep what ahm sayin
I’m deep, I been through shit
Boy, my clique ain’t playin
I can’t go
Cuz every-everything I speak is real
Keeping it real is more important to me than getting a deal
I want respect, if you want me to change
Keep ya check
I can retire, live good, off the piece on my neck
I’m a hustla, real-real hustlas still ride-ride deep like Dr King
Cuz bitch niggaz wanna kill me
So I pull my K out
Shit I say don’t play out
Ahma hafta busta nigga head, I see no way out
What I got, these niggas out here stuck on stupid
It’s okay, they gonna wake up when they get stung by Cupid
The thug life I live, ain’t shit positive
It’s the Mista Slim Thug, nigga — as is